Missin’ Her Sistah

More and more these days, I let Lola decide where we go on our walks. “Pug’s Choice”, I call it. And we both love it.

Lo gets to hit up her favourite “pee-mail” spots, and I get to actually walk, as opposed to spending my entire time trying to convince Lola that she wants to move her legs.

Without fail, our evening strolls have taken us on a very specific route over the past couple of weeks. Pretty much every night (when it’s not raining), we find ourselves on a particular street, looking over at a particular door…


It warms my frozen heart to see how much The Pug has grown to love her sister, Nelly.

And I think we are *clearly* overdue for a play date.


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6 responses to “Missin’ Her Sistah

  1. Mr Wicked has definite ideas about preferred walks, depending on the time of day. He demands an early-morning (and I mean early) rendezvous with a certain neighbouring hound and is morose all day if we miss meeting up. I think given his druthers, after supper he’d go very slowly round the block, stopping at the houses of all his friends, canine and pre-schooler, to summon them out for Fun like some furry Pied Piper.


    • Mr. Wicked is a discerning man! I try to bark my friends into existence sometimes, but mama gets fed up with “all that racket”, and moves us along. Sheesh. Does Mr. Wicked like pugs?


  2. I don’t know why people don’t just let us walk where we want. They have this weird need for control. Hope you get your play date soon!


  3. Lola, are you softening up a little? Did you do your 1000 Pugs shoot?


  4. Payton's mom

    That is about the sweetest thing ever! Lola, I can’t believe you let you mum post this. As you might have guessed, Payton always decided our path too.


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