Puppy Snacks

I can’t get enough of pug puppies. Especially this little one.

The thing about puppies is they explore with their mouths, so they have to be kept under close watch at all times.

For example, you might think that puppy teeth are no match for an aluminum ladder…


…but one can never be too careful…


…puppy teeth are equal only to shark teeth….


…seriously, girl. That can’t taste very good.


Unfazed, and sitting like a true pug princess, Jo contemplates her next snack.

Endlessly entertaining.


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5 responses to “Puppy Snacks

  1. OMD!! What a cutie! Ma is just ‘awwwwe’ ing all over! I use to chew stuffs, but I can say that I never tasted the ladder! You are a Princess Jo.




  2. Cat

    Oh my gosh that last photo has me tearing up from laughter. What an offended little face. How DARE the human take her ladder away!


  3. Ah, how they learn the stink eye at such a young age. Is this your protege, Lola?


  4. Mmmm, yummy ladder. I was checking metal yesterday too! Have a great day. Hailey and Zaphod


  5. Blanche

    Ah yes. There’s a lot of beaver in Jo. Her current favourite snacks are the corners of my under the desk recycling bin……


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