The Pug Posse

So – where were we again? Oh, yes. Pugs!

As I was saying, hanging out with the Pug Posse is a treat for Lola Pug, but it was a special treat for me this time around, because there has been a new addition to the group…



Now you might not be able to see it when she’s in a solo photo, looking all epic and all, but Jo is what I refer to as my Achilles heel … my Kryptonite. She is a wee black pug puppy.

Perhaps sitting against her foster-sister, Truly, will help her seduce you into her tiny, saucy world….


Now who, you might ask, is Truly? This gorgeous girl is yet another poster child for why potential families should never shy away from dogs with “disabilities”.

Just as with Truly’s other foster-sister, Hazel, you would never really know that she had vision problems. She is just as sassy, playful and as loving as any other pug (more so, in Truly’s case, in fact), and BOY can she be a cheeseball. She *is* a pug, after all.


Rounding out the Pug Posse is the grand gentleman of pugs. Tank. Known in the rescue world as a “foster failure”, Tank managed to charm and wiggle his way into his foster family’s hearts until the thought of life without him became unfathomable. He has presided with great style (and patience), over the Pug Posse ever since his formal adoption almost five years ago.


And no visit is complete without some time with Miss Hazel. After running around like a complete maniac with the other pugs, she needed to recharge her solar panels, and so chose the *hottest* sunbeam in the garden to go and bathe in.

Keeping it classy, Hazel Bean.


So where was Lola Pug in all of this pugginess?

Well. Sitting in the grass, trying to convince me that she had no reason to be communing with these four-legged, hairy creatures, and whyohwhyohwhy couldn’t we just go home where she could be dignified and regal in peace?


Seriously, pug. That look you’re shooting me is just convincing me we need to do this more often.

And speaking of looks … I’d keep your eye on that little one. She’s got your attitude written all over her.



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13 responses to “The Pug Posse

  1. Oh, I am OVERDOSED on Pug cuteness!!! Oh, Josephine is just the cutest little gal! Yup, I see a ‘ham’ already!
    Lola, you are the Queen of Pugland. You just like to watch your subjects from up high, don’t cha’?




  2. Cat

    Tank! Oh my goodness! I’d have to keep him, too. Look at him! He’s just so grizzled and rugged! So much puggy love in this post!

    Need… Pug….


  3. Blanche

    Tank is a dog in a million. A really magnificent pugman. He’s the dignity of the group…..


  4. Truly has to be the the cutest pug puppy of 2012.


  5. Vogue! Great posing!
    Hailey and Zaphod


  6. The black girls seem to be the sassiest of all pugs. Although we could probably give them a good run for the money. Isabelle, at 12, is still sassy!


  7. Payton's mom

    So many things to love about each of these pugs, and you too, Lola [Pug]!


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