Farmer’s Market Pug

A major source of late summer joy for me are farmer’s markets. Traveling, or at home – markets are so much fun.

An even bigger joy? Farmer’s markets that are local, preferably organic-ish and PUG FRIENDLY!


I mean, come on. Who could resist?

If you turn around from reading the sign, you can see where your produce comes from…


See what I mean? AWESOME!

But this is a pug blog, so what of HRH? Well, when we went here a few weeks ago, she wasn’t too impressed with the (amazing) beets and chard, but she sure was interested when she came across a random saddle pad in the apple orchard…


(please note her front, left leg – she is in FULL ON intense investigation sniffy mode here)

It would seem that the ultimate in puggie ambrosia is equine in nature, which I can’t argue with.


…or at least it was until someone else showed up on the scene….

(to be continued)


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4 responses to “Farmer’s Market Pug

  1. rubytheairedale

    Oh man! SCORE!! What are the chances you find a saddle blanket in the middle of an orchard?? You do have the luck of the Irish on your side, Lola!




  2. I remember the first time that Payton saw a horse. Her eyes got so big, but she didn’t make a peep. I hope you got quite a few nibbles at the market Lola.


  3. You are lucky! Our farm market is indoors and dogs aren’t allowed, boo. But mom gets some of the ingredients for our food there! And the peach Tallulah ate, from the farm market.


  4. Ohhh a mysterious satchal! Happy shopping and mystery solving.


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