Present from Payton

Pugs aren’t typically cheated in the toy department, and most well-loved pugs have as many oodles of toys as their family finances will allow.

When we met up with Payton’s people, Christy and Tim, we left with a little gift from them for Lola Pug. Payton had a collection of awesome toys, some of which are now being given in memory to her pug friends across North America.

Lola Pug LOVES gifts, so she was very eager to see what was waiting for her…


…witness her exceptional bag-diving technique, as taught to her by her little angel-friend, Rocco….


With the first victim already freed from the bag, (Homer the Lobster, in the background – he didn’t stand a chance against The Pug, and he will be snacked on during many play times to come), Lola went in for the second gift….


This gift was originally intended as a Christmas gift to Lola Pug, but apparently Payton became enamoured of it, and started to gnaw on a flipper, so another (equally awesome) stuffy took it’s place.

But here was the original gift, in all it’s glory.

Payton’s flipper was immediately identified by The Pug…


…and after a lengthy sniff, and what I like to think was a little puggie thank you to her angel friend…


…Lola Pug trounced the heck out of her new Pufferfish toy…


…which is pretty much as big of a “thank you” as pugs give, I think.

So to Christy and Tim – thank you from Lola Pug and her people for such a thoughtful gift.

Many, many frantic games of “Kill the Pufferfish” will be played in the time to come.


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8 responses to “Present from Payton

  1. Cat

    Lola looks so proud to have that pufferfish by the fin! I think the colours go well with her lovely shiny black coat.


  2. rubytheairedale

    Oh, I just can’t get enough of Lola’s cute face! I hope she has loads of fun with her new toys! Pressies are the bestest!!




  3. What a great gift from a great friend! Have a great day! Hailey and Zaphod


  4. I give your bag-diving technique a 10!
    And such wonderful gifts!


  5. Lola Pug, my eyes are all leaky again watching you have so much fun with these toys. I know angel Payton is smiling from above.


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