Summer? Where Did it Go?

I simply cannot remember a busier August than this one. Okay. July, too. And perhaps June.

I mean – it’s already time to start thinking about the pug’s (and my) favourite season – Autumn. Holy moley, I’m still thinking I have the whole summer ahead of us!

Lola Pug and I have spent good chunks of the summer traveling, seeing friends and having amazing pug adventures.  The little Bean makes friends everywhere – she charms the airport security staff every time (thank goodness), and the good folks at WestJet even greet her by name when we board the plane now.

Seriously, though. Who could resist this face?


We’re finally back on home soil for a little while, so that should give us time to catch up on all of the pug news that’s fit to blog about.

Oh, it’s tough being my pug, I tell you….



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9 responses to “Summer? Where Did it Go?

  1. Oh, Lola, how could anyone resist that face??? Of course you charm the pants off everyone!! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures!




  2. Pugjama weather will be here before you know it, Lola. We have to move further south to stretch out summer.


  3. Winston

    Hi Lola,

    It was such a good weekend we had. OMP how can anyone resist your little cute pug mug! Gosh you are super cute.


  4. We are having a wonderful time here at Piney Ledge with Trev & Lois Rowe. Even after 2 weeks of intense R&R Stephen is still twitching like a Big Mouth Bass just landed on the Dock. I have been doing my best to avoid the daily trips to Foodland and Cranberry Bogs by painting and drawing the Islands which are out front of our place. Water warm enough to swim in and Roxy’s learned to do the dog paddle.

    Sent from Lea Allen’s iPhone 416-558-9635.


  5. I think, if I come back to this world as anything, I’d like to be your pug!


  6. Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures! Hailey and Zaphod


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