Pug Time Zones

Often times, when I’m out walking with Lola, people will come up and ask me the craziest things about pugs.

Does she snore? (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)


Because we travel so much, we get a whole host of other questions, most of which are really great, but my favourite  is…

…Does she get jet lag?


HAhaaaaaaa. Oh, man, it’s too early to laugh. I might throw up.

Good grief, yes.

Emphatically YES.

YES a thousand times, YES.

At least no one is actually up at 4:18am to see me in my questionable dog walking attire.

Or ask me questions about pugs.


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6 responses to “Pug Time Zones

  1. Lola, it’s great to see your mama retaining her sense of humor. Her sanity seems to be tippin’ a bit towards the edge… just sayin’.


  2. I don’t understand how humans don’t have special classes all about pugs! They should know all these things!


  3. Blanche

    Yep–the pug questions never fail to make you shake your head. It’s the folks who insist my pugs are pit bulls that always stuns me. And I’d like someone to explain daylight savings time to the pugs. That’s always an ugly couple of weeks while we all adjust…..

    Do pugs shed? Is the Pope Catholic? Is a ten pound robin fat?


  4. I never get those questions. I do get the one about baby pit bulls sometimes which is bizarre to me. Mostly it’s children screaming, “MEN IN BLACK!” That’s always entertaining. My stepfather thinks it hilarious to ask me if all pugs understand Chinese though. Repeatedly. It doesn’t help that Tallulah and Petunia were trained using Chinese commands.
    People. What are you going to do?


  5. Oh the 4 am pee. My least favourite one!

    Happy travels!


  6. mellabobella

    You are so lucky (and so is Lola!) that you get to bring her on your travels 🙂


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