Weekend Hayseeds

Lola Pug and her friend, Tilly, are city dogs, to be sure, but take them out of the city, and they move into country life pretty quickly, I’d say…


Close up…


Oh, alright, Lola Pug. I know that Tilly looks really happy, and all, and yes, I clearly HAVE lost my mind putting you up on something that isn’t covered in plush and satin.

I’ll come and get you down now.



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6 responses to “Weekend Hayseeds

  1. Oh, Lola! What has your Moms gotten you into? I hope that nasty hay didn’t scratch you delicate hinnie!




  2. Payton's mom

    Gosh, Lola Pug, I hope you didn’t get pricked by a wayward piece of straw/hay. Payton didn’t like the “photo ops” either. 😉 Hope you had a great weekend anyway.


  3. Lola, that is what my life is like every day!! Atticus just loves all the outdoor/barn stuff. Me, not so much. Hay is prickly, dusty, just all around no fun. I think you are holding out pretty good in this photo shoot. But shame on your mamma for taking advantage of a small black pug!!!


  4. Winston

    it may not be plush and satin… but it is totally cool!


  5. Southern Fried Pugs

    Yeah, we didn’t believe you got up there on your own. Hope you got treats!


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