Lola of the Lake

Working on the (likely not entirely correct) premise that Lola Pug is happiest when she’s with her mama, I take her on as many of my adventures as I possibly can – as long as it’s safe for her to come along, of course.

I thought it only fair to share my latest passion with her. The instructors I know in the sport encourage canine participation, and the way I figure it, the more time I spend with the little bean, the better. So I got her all geared up.

Well. She was skeptical at first (the life jacket is never a good sign, in her books)…


…and I think it’s pretty safe to say she remained skeptical when we left the shore…


…I thought the world might end when a wave got her foot wet (pugs ARE made of highly refined sugar, after all)…


…but she seemed to settle in quite nicely after she realised there was no dry escape route.


I tell myself that she wasn’t sitting behind me the whole time, trying to set my calves on fire with her glare…


…and I think she looks rather regal, to be honest.

But I might be confusing “regal” with “coldly plotting her revenge”, because she sure was happy to hit dry land.

Needless to say, like Lola Pug, I am determined and stubborn at times, and this weekend was not the last time that Her Royal Highness will see the world from a paddle board.

LAKE HO, pug! Summer has just got a whole lot more FUN for us! Well. It has for me, at least.


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20 responses to “Lola of the Lake

  1. Whether it was against your will or not…. Lola, you are a brave pug.


  2. Lola Pug! Wow! What a crazy adventure! Payton would be quite impressed with you, I’m sure. I have to admit that the photo of your feet getting wet made me laugh. I bet your mum really enjoyed having you with her…you are a good sport, Lola.


  3. Mel

    What a great idea. I think it’s so nice that you try to include Lola in everything that you do.


  4. Blanche

    We are reporting your mama for abuse to the Anti Wet Pug League. And there’s room on the bed here for you when the Authorities grab you from that heartless water loving woman.
    Hazel, Tank and True. (we didn’t include the chin–he likes water which is a sure indication he is intellectually negligible….)


  5. Oh, Lola, you just cracked my Ma up!! VERY funny post! I think your lifejacket looks like a candy-shell on ya (you being the sweet chocolate of course!!)




  6. Cat

    “Nothing to do but sit here and hate you.” – HA! Poor Lola!

    I am super impressed that she just sat there though and didn’t jump off. Regardless of the water being wet and all. Very calm under the circumstances. Good girl, Lola!


    • I am, if anything, composed, my friend. Mama thought I might jump off, so she was prepared to abandon ship, as well. So she says. Thank you for reading my Pug Thoughts. I sometimes think that no one can hear my desperate pleas for help.


  7. Lola, the water is a wonderful thing to be on or in! Don’t despair, just enjoy the adventure!



  8. Miss Lola, you’re so brave!


  9. katie

    Congrats on the paddle board.
    Here’s Jack the pug paddle boarding. He loves it. Once fell asleep and fell off the board. He’s a rescue. Enjoy.


    • Haha! I see we have the same lifejacket! Oh, Jack, I sure don’t understand you at all. My mama tries to get me to like going out on the water, but I’m just TOO MUCH of a PRINCESS to like it! I guess I had better get used to it. Any tips you care to share? I just HATE it all!


      • katie

        Dear Lola, You are 2 cute! I think your mom is smart to take you out and try new things. Start loving it, it’s really fun! I get to bark at birds and people laugh when they see me and take pictures. SUP really is really relaxing, I love it so much. If your mom keeps taking you you’ll start to love it. I liked it from from the beginning, but then I like adventures!
        Hey Lola, send me your cell phone number and we can send each other pictures of our peeps…HaHa, aren’t humans weird?


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