Dogs and Cottages

Dogs and cottages are a pre-tty cool combination.

This past weekend, The Pug and I went visiting, and there were activities galore.

Lola’s buddies, Trigger and Tilly, adore cottage living and all of the stick-chasing, lake swimming and dirt rolling that comes along with it. And when Uncle Jim introduced them to the new game of “Splashy Face”, the fun just got amplified – for canines AND their people (“Splashy Face” went on for HOURS, people, HOURS!)….





And The Pug?

Well. You must already have figured out that she is not a “dog”, per se.

So what was she doing in the midst all of this frivolity?


…calling her lawyer, of course.

Honestly, Pug.


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9 responses to “Dogs and Cottages

  1. Payton's mom

    Hi Lola Pug! You are sporting a serious stink eye in that picture. Very impressive. But I don’t blame you…why would you want to get your hair wet when you are stlyin’ and looking so good!


  2. Christy – I was BORN giving the stink eye. It was amateur hour before I came along. Mama still doesn’t know what hit her. Heh heh heh.


  3. Lola Pug, you must be a soul mate because that look is my “go to” face when folks get out of line!



  4. That is so funny Lola! Great stink eye, you probally get alot of play with that one!




  5. Poor Lola. Everyone is having fun but you.


  6. Water is for drinking!!! Why don’t they understand?!?!?!?!?!


  7. oh my…..that’s funny


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