Dinner Companion

Lola Pug has never been fed from the table, and has subsequently never learned to beg for food, so most nights, she can be found lounging on my knees during the dinner hour.


With a table napkin on her back, you would never even know she was there.

…except for the snoring, perhaps.



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11 responses to “Dinner Companion

  1. Lola, you have left me speechless today. A pug not eating from the table, not begging? Maybe it’s a good thing for your mum that you and Payton never met. She would have taught you some terrible table manners! 🙂


  2. Southern Fried Pugs

    Being single, mom eats on the couch. We were taught to leave her alone, although we are ALWAYS interested in what she is eating. We know not to beg though. Aunt Mandy is another story. She is a sucker for pug eyes, and we know it.


    • Mama won’t let ANYONE feed me on account of my medical history with my unpredictable belly. And she’s no sucker for food eyes. She says a skritch is better than food that will make me fat. I say GIVE ME THAT CHEESE, MAMA!


  3. Cat

    As long as your mama doesn’t mistake you for a table napkin, I suppose this is the best place to be at dinner. 😉 Jinx and Sophie are good little dogs, too. Jinx learned from our dearly departed Annie that you don’t beg for food, but once the fork and knife are put down on an empty plate, it’s time to snuggle up to those people at the table (or on the couch) for pets. Jinx seems to have trained Sophie to follow in those pawprints. They won’t beg for food, but like a good ear scritch as soon as the humans are done eating!


  4. what a cute pic!! wonderful


  5. Stella Rose Long

    Wow Lola you are really cute….we don’t beg from Mom but Dad is a easy pick…he always feeds us and Mom gets mad at him!


  6. OMG, is Lola the cutest pug ever? I think she might be. She is the perfect size to lay on your leg like that – too funny how she lets her legs dangle over!


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