Tuni Tuesday Tribute


We seem to be losing a lot of friends this year, which either speaks to the number of buddies we have met online, or perhaps to the fact that is just a bad year for losing friends.

Tuni was a teeny, tiny, spunky rescue pug whose antics were a delight to follow online. Tuni’s pug love (and Lola’s BC buddy) Winston, has asked that Tuni’s pug friends post photos of  themselves cozy in their beds, as a tribute to this special, little soul.


For you, Tuni.


May Emma and Sequoia and your new baby brudder help your people through this challenging time, and don’t forget to send them a reminder every now and then that you are running happy and free up at the Rainbow Bridge.

Lots of pug love, little one.



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4 responses to “Tuni Tuesday Tribute

  1. Payton's mom

    Perfect pictures for Tuni. It has been a sad year indeed.


  2. It has been very sad this year. Before we started blogging and tweeting, we knew maybe 10 pugs. Now, we know hundreds. Our circle grows larger yet smaller.


  3. Sequoia Tuni and Emma

    Thank you sweet Lola for your kind tribute…Tuni was a special little gal.


  4. Winston

    Oh Lola, it is okays that your post was early. I just loved the seeing the picture.



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