It’s Too Darn Hot


It’s hot and really humid here today.

It’s the kind of humid that opens up the pores of the earth and brings out all of those soaked-in smells that really are better left un-smelled. By humans, at least. Because I’m betting they’re dog-friendly smells.



See? It’s too hot even for the pugs to enjoy being outside for long.

Only the cicadas seem to be happy today, and even then, they might simply be screaming for mercy.

Okay. One more minute, littles, then it’s inside, to bask in the AC flow and gnaw on ice chips.

Stay cool, everyone!


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9 responses to “It’s Too Darn Hot

  1. Payton's mom

    Lola Pug, I know how you feel. We have been melting here too. Temps have been around 100+ degrees Fahrenheit. I dread going out to water the flowers and herbs.


  2. Watching the BC ferrie somehow stay afloat as it turns the corner heading to Gabriola- miraculous!


  3. Ferries float. Water laps. Bird song I’ve never heard before. I love traveling. Missing the big smoke NOT!


  4. Cat

    Poor wilted Lola. 😦 I went and installed one of those fake central air thingamabobs in my house for my two Finnish Lapphunds. $7000 later they are arctic dogs who do not feel quite so bad about the summer anymore. Jinx has even taken up gardening, as I know you have seen from Twitter. Perhaps if your mama let you garden on occasion, you’d like the summer a little more? Jinx can always show you how (that is, if you spend your summers not on the West coast. He’s not old enough to travel that far by himself!)


    • I LOVE gardening! …if by gardening, you mean stomping on hostas and peeing on flowers. I don’t understand Jinx’s love of wet things. I try to stay away from dirt and hoses at all costs. Oh, well.


  5. It’s hot here too Lola and I have been gnawing on ice chips – stay cool! 🙂


  6. You are not suffering alone, Lola. This has been so oppressive that even I was laying around (Yes, hard to believe, but true.) Last night it got down t0 the 80’s and I was so excited I got a serious case of the puppy scoots. It felt great! Gang in there, girl!


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