Sauce and Beans

The recent heatwave here has meant that The Pug has been getting very short walks at odd (and “cooler”) times of day. No play dates with friends, no adventures. No way to burn off all of that pug energy that lurks within.

Add the Summer Solstice into the mix, and I have a pug who is waking me up with the sun and the birds at 4:00am. …by jumping on my head and woo-woo’ing at me until I relent and drag my insanely exhausted carcass up to bring her outside.

When The Royal Schedule gets thrown off, it seems we all go a little bit out of whack.


Now that you are blissfully cone-free, Your Royal Highness, and thank goodness the heatwave is over, perhaps we can find a buddy for you to play with.

The Bean Train to Beanstown is fully loaded in the station, and the next stop is Saucymonkeytown. Woo! Woo! (indeed!)


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5 responses to “Sauce and Beans

  1. Cat

    Teehee! I think that’s an awfully suspicious face you’ve got there, Lola. You look like you’re up to something. 😉


  2. Payton's mom

    You certainly have my curiosity peaked Lola. Could it be a trip to Boston? Hope you tell us soon!


  3. Winston

    Lola I am glad the heat wave has ended for you. Here in Vancouver it is still cool and wets! I don’t like getting wets!


  4. I’ve been waking up at 4:00am too Lola and strangely enough the tall person wakes up shortly after. Probably because i nudge him 🙂


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