Little Bee and Her Eyeballs

Lola Pug has her eye issues, but her buddy, Bradie, is going through some much more serious eye issues right now.


Little Bee is in for eye removal surgery this morning, and she’s a little bit on the older side with a few other health issues happening, so please keep your fingers and paws crossed for her.

She’s a special soul, rescued as a senior, and her mama and Aunt love her dearly (as does her growing fan club).

Heck. Lola Pug will even share a bed with her. It doesn’t get more special than that in the dog realm.


Be strong through your surgery, and heal, Little Beyonce. We’re all rooting for you.


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9 responses to “Little Bee and Her Eyeballs

  1. Payton's Gampy

    God be with little Bee and her doctors!


  2. Awwe. Sending healing wishes your way….


  3. Kelva Kitson

    thanks for thinking of B ,its her Gamy here and we are all finger crossed …


  4. Southern Fried Pugs

    Good juju on the way for B. Hope she heals quickly and comes home soon.


  5. Power of the Paw coming your way Little Bee. Please keep us updated on her progress.


  6. Oh no, feel better. We hope everything goes well.

    Bella and DiDi


  7. Wonderful news already – your juju worked! From Bradie’s Aunt:

    Bradie’s surgery took place this morning and went off without a hitch! The surgeon just left my sister a voicemail saying that Bradie was already up and walking around, which is fantastic news!! She will have to stay in recovery for a while but I am hoping to go and visit her in a few hours if they will let me. Will keep you posted re her recovery! THANK YOU ALL FOR THE WELL WISHES AND HEALING THOUGHTS!! One hurdle down!! ♥


  8. Very sorry to hear about Little Bee’s surgery. I hope all went well x


  9. Sorry to hear about this surgery. Glad it went so well!


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