Pug Lovin’

Lola’s eyeball continues to heal (we hope), and it sure is great when she gets little letters of encouragement like this from her buddies…


Boss, as you might recall, is Lola’s little admirer who lives down the way. He’s already grown to be bigger than she is, at 12 weeks old, so I’m curious to see how this friendship will develop.

In the meantime, Boss’s gift seems to be doing good things for Lola’s recovery.


Keep healing, little one! We like your decorated cone, but we like NO cone even better.


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4 responses to “Pug Lovin’

  1. Hang there, Lola! You’ve gotten through the tough part, getting used to the meds and the cone. Things are now on the upswing. I can’t wait for the post that shows you without the cone. Don’t get me wrong, you’re cute with it, but you are REALLY cute without it! Heal up, Lola


  2. That is the sweetest gift ever!


  3. Great idea to decorate the cone – similar to people decorating plaster casts. Get well very soon Lola xx


  4. Winston

    Oh dear… Life is all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone. Looks like it is no longer fun and games for a while. I am sending juju to you so you can get better quick and loose that horrible device. In the meantime since everyone knows that cones usually means some kind of medical treatment I say work it girlfriend! Take full advantage, you know make everyone feel totally sorry for you that they cater towards your every need. Imagine the treats! The extra attention! OMP kinda makes me wish I had a cone on right now.



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