Comedy, Drama or PUG?

When I told the pug that video rental stores were a dying breed, she became rather distressed…


Where is she going to snuffle up popcorn motes NOW???


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6 responses to “Comedy, Drama or PUG?

  1. Lola needs a copy of her dramatic debut right there the bottom shelf where she can admire herself, at least until the video rental store closes.


  2. You are making me smile and these days that is precious indeed.


  3. Your photos of Lola are great. I own two black pugs and know that photos of them can be challenging! Your blog is wonderful to read, thanks for entertaining us.


  4. Dear me, Lola, you do look as if you are in the depths of despair! Take heart. Something will turn up, I’m sure of it. Life is just that way.


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