Howdy, Neighbour!

I’ve been a bit behind on my posts recently. I’ll blame it on spring cleaning…spring fever…spring patio season….

Speaking of spring … Lola Pug suddenly seems to have a whole bunch of new friends in the ‘hood, and ALL of them are PUPPIES!!!

First to the gate is BOSS! Our newest, sweet as pie, wouldn’t hurt a fly (but, wait – can he still eat them?) Boxer pup neighbour.


Boss met Misty when he first came home, and he immediately fell in love. She didn’t seem to mind him, either.


And where was Lola in all of this puppy love?

Right where you think she’d be, of course…


…at a safe distance.

(thanks to Boss’s Mum, Jen, for the photo of Lola and Boss. For more Boss – and more Bullies, in general – visit Jen online here!)


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7 responses to “Howdy, Neighbour!

  1. Oh my goodness… Boss is adorable! I also have a Boxer, and he and my Pug are BEST friends, and play so well together! Glad to see Lola has a new friend 🙂


  2. Boss is very, very cute, but I’m with you Lola – keep your distance before you get turned into a chew toy, or a pillow.


  3. These photos are too cute. Lola is so funny. Lovefest aren’t for everyone 🙂
    Bella and DiDi


  4. Blanche

    Lola looks appropriately horrified.


  5. New puppies make the best friends!


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