Rain, Rain, Go Away….

Rainly days can be kinda dreamy if you’re in the right headspace, but The Pug doesn’t like getting wet for ANY reason, so they’re kind of a drag for her – especially when she’s feeling all beansie and wants to get out and sniff things.


Like her mama, Lola Pug is not so good at hiding her true feelings.


But with a face like that? She’ll get ALL the sympathy she could ever want, and then some.

The Sunshine will come again, little love.



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6 responses to “Rain, Rain, Go Away….

  1. We don’t like the rain either….and it has been raining lots & lots here! Love your pictures by the way!!


  2. Winston

    Oh Lola isn’t it terrible, all the rain, rain and more rain. If you are out my way this weekend it is suppose to be gorgeous!!!!! Finally the sun makes appearance.


    • The sun finally DID come out, Winston, and it’s beautiful here now! But when it rains, it’s like it’s never gonna be sunny again. Enjoy the rays, my friend!


  3. Suki

    Hi Lola,
    Can we trade weather? Austin desperately need rain. I will be glad to send you the sunshine.



    • Suki – the sunshine came! I’m sorry that you guys need rain so much. I’ll see what I can do about sending some your way. (what? Pugs DON’T control the weather???)


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