The Land Manatee

To say that Misty is an easy house guest is an understatement.

Now, Misty isn’t too well versed in the ways of small dogs, which means that Lola Pug has had to learn to stay out of the “Wag Zone” in order to keep her face in one piece – and my floor duster basically self-destructed when I tried to clean up the perpetual web of Golden Retriever hair – but those are pretty small adjustments for us to make, really.

Not always the most active dog, Misty likes to spend her days doing what older Goldens do best…

…napping on floors…

…napping while getting the Evil Pug Eye…

…napping on beds….

(The Pug got up to have a drink of water, so Misty made her move. I don’t even know how she got onto the bed – it’s as if she simply levitated onto it in her sleep, which actually wouldn’t surprise me.)

Hey. I don’t call her the Land Manatee for nothing.

Food, water, walks and lots of love.

Life sure is Golden, eh?


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4 responses to “The Land Manatee

  1. Lola, you must be EVER vigilant! You turn your back for a moment and BAM, your bed’s stolen! I’d give her the evil eye too.
    Although, Misty is really sweet looking and I bet if you gave in and tried snuggling with her, she’d make a great cuddle-bud.


  2. “Land Manatee” – I love it! 🙂


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