It Takes Two, Baby….

On the rare occasion, I am able to ignore the pug’s pleas for attention when I am working.

Knowing that she’s well fed, watered, walked and loved makes me able to better focus on my work during the daytime.

But it’s no fair when I get ganged up on.

Game over, human.

Dogs, 1 – Productivity, 0.



Filed under Friends, It. Is. Time.

5 responses to “It Takes Two, Baby….

  1. My mom always caves to me too 😉


  2. Hahahahaha! Great picture. Who could resist? 🙂


  3. They got you! Great photo!
    Bella and DiDi


  4. It’s pretty obvious you and Misty are making a great team. Your Momma does not stand a chance!


  5. Mel

    Halladay does this to me. He stands right beside my chair and I can’t resist a furry nubbin.


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