Dog with a Schnoz

The Pug is a generally a tolerant host, but she isn’t really an enthusiastic host.

You might remember that Lola Pug has taken issue with Golden Retrievers. I can’t understand exactly why, but when she sees them on the street, and even when I say the words “Golden Retriever”, she flies into a sort of wide-eyed, foaming-mouth sort of rabid fit.

Now, Lola’s lifelong buddy, Tilly, is a GR, and I grew up in a household that still has one GR in it, so this reaction seems to be made up of a whole lot of irrational to me. But what better way to calm the beast of fear than by repeated exposure!

When Lola’s cousin, Misty, came for the weekend, The Pug really wasn’t impressed by this great, golden beast with the big nose and the way mellow attitude, but she put on her game face, and went with it.

In order to help Misty feel more at home, and to help her with her aging and sore hips, we went out and bought her a Golden-sized bed, along with bringing her favourite stuffy toys and food.

As soon as the bed hit the hardwood, Lola made sure Misty knew who the Queen of Casa Lola was. She also sent me the very clear message that I obviously have not been supplying her with enough beds. (More on how many beds HRH actually does have in another post, I think)

Much to my – and likely her – surprise, Misty and Lola are excellent housemates, and we actually ended up keeping our guest here for about a week longer than we had planned. She is, quite simply, a joy and delight to have around. Even Lola doesn’t have (much) of a problem with her being here. She likes her bed, at the very least.

And as Misty goes home, so her bed goes with her.

…or maybe we can keep her here just a little bit longer….

We’re all kind of getting rather used to having this sweet, shaggy beast around.


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3 responses to “Dog with a Schnoz

  1. It’s great to see Lola having (and enjoying) visitors. She’s had a couple of rough weeks with all that’s happened- it’s wonderful she has a friend like Misty to help out.


  2. Cat

    Oh, yes PLEASE a post on how many beds you have Lola!

    Misty is a beautiful, sweet-looking gal. Makes me miss the Retriever/Lab mix, Lady, who grew up with me. Happy to hear these two are getting along!


  3. Of course, Lola takes the big bed. Would you expect anything different from a pug?


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