Pug in Her Bag

I feel lucky that The Pug turned out to be a smaller-sized gal, because it makes traveling with her a relatively easy proposition.

Lola Pug has a special airline bag for under-seat air travel (and seething), but she also has a couple of what we refer to as couchettes, for when the walks are too long for her 8″ legs.

(I just measured her legs now, and she wasn’t very impressed with me).

Lola Pug simply *adores* her couchettes, which is beyond fantastic, as this allows us to go on long adventures without worrying about overextending the little dear.

This also allows us to sneak into a few places that don’t formally welcome dogs….

Seriously. If you saw this face in your store, could you do anything BUT melt on the spot?

Pug on her feet? Adorable.

Pug in her Bag? Irresistible.

Such is the Power of The Pug.


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11 responses to “Pug in Her Bag

  1. I ❤ this! I'm fairly certain my Brussels Griffon (smooth) would absolutely ADORE being placed in one of these if it affords her the opportunity to be with me 24/7 as I go about my daily business. Can you let me know where I might be able to purchase a "couchette" of this kind?


    • Oh, my buddy, Rocco, was a Griffy. We like Griffies in this household! I have a few couchettes – all of them came from one pet supply store or another. This one here is from “DabbaDoo”, a Quebec company, but I have others, as well. Mama just picks the ones that I like. Maybe take your little girl to the store with you, and let her try them out? Some are WAY more styling and stealth than others. Mama prefers style, but I prefer comfort, and I win out every time. Good luck!


    • I should add that my buddy, Rocco, loved being in his “Fundle”. It’s kind of like a sling. Really good for the smaller pooches out there.


  2. This is the most adorable thing ever! I have never flown w/ my Pug, but will have to start soon, as my family lives across the country. How does Lola Pug do flying? I worry so much about my Pug’s breathing..! In addition, to her just be plain frightened!


    • Hey! Lola’s Mum here. I wrote a post last year on the Montreal Dog Blog about flying avec pug: http://www.montrealdogblog.com/8895/pugs-fly/

      Is Layla a smaller girl? If she and the bag are under 22 pounds and can fit under the seat in front of you, you should be okay to fly (with vet approval – *always* get vet approval with pugs). I would *never* fly with Lola Pug in the cargo hold. Too many things happen to dogs down there, especially pugs. I would also never even mildly sedate Lola. Pugs have a challenge breathing as it is – it’s too dangerous to sedate them at a high altitude.

      That being said, Lo and I do the air travel thing all the time, so she is a seasoned vet. She loves going to the airport, and loves exploring new places. If she didn’t love it, I wouldn’t bring her. Some dogs are fine with it, others aren’t. Lola HATES the train, for example, so I never take her on the subway. It’s just too stressful for her.

      Try a short hop with Layla to see how she reacts to being in an airplane with you. If you can’t travel with her in-cabin, though, I would leave her at home or find an alternate way to get there.

      Hope this helps a little bit!


      • Oh, wow thank you! I will have to read your post from last year about flying. Layla is around 21 lbs. We are currently on a diet to try and trim her waist though :0) But yes, I agree with getting vet approval first and to never sedate her. I would be too scared with her breathing! Oh, and I would NEVER fly with her in the cargo hold. I have heard way too many awful stories about other dogs down there. I really appreciate the advice though, and am hopeful since Lola is so good with traveling! I will definitely try a shorter flight the first few times, and if it doesn’t work, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind a little vacation with her other doggie friends at the boarding place.
        Thank you! 🙂


  3. I love the photos of Lola in her couchette. I’m going to ask the tall person to get one for me!


    • Bassa, Your people might have better luck with a buggy for you … unless they are GIANTS with VERY strong arms! Perhaps you could carry me on your back if we’re ever out walking together, and I get tired. You look strong and gentle – and you’re likely way more fun than my mama.


      • I am strong and gentle Lola and would be very happy to let you ride on my back. With regard to a couchette for mr, I don’t call my tall person the tall person for nothing 🙂


  4. Mel

    Lola looks like ET in that last photo. Just sayin’.



  5. B

    She is too precious! ❤


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