The Sock of Shame

Adventures sometimes mean mishaps – and thank goodness this little mishap was, indeed, little.

This time around, the injury was large enough that The Pug needed some TLC, but small enough that I could handle it, myself.

My bandage-wrapping skills leave much to be desired, so I’m thinking the “shame” part of this wee healing sock belongs to me.

…I think The Pug agrees with me.

The abrasion has since healed (almost), the pug has more or less stopped licking and limping, and all will soon be right with the world again.


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14 responses to “The Sock of Shame

  1. So cute Lola even if your paw is wrapped.


  2. Petra

    Poor Skye is in the same boat – however, a bandage doesn’t show up the same (or stands out as much) on a white paw… Get better soon, Lola!


  3. Poor Lola. Mom has scads of that bandage stuff for the variety of boo boos we manage to accrue. She even has baby socks (pink of course) to keep the bandage tape off our mishap. Although we don’t have any (mom’s cheap), a local pet store has paw print bandages! As if that would make us feel better. Maybe if they were bacon flavored.


  4. Aw, man, paw cuts are so painful. Even little ones hurt like crazy. Your momma did right by you, fixing you up like that. I’m glad you’re feeling better, Lola.


  5. It is unfortunate that you got that cut, but you look so cute in one sock:)


  6. Poor Lola – pretend it is an elegant glove x


  7. Aw Lola! I hope it feels very soon! No worries, I think you are still such a pretty one!


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