Easter Pug Redux

The amount of joy that I derive from dressing The Pug up in ridiculous outfits is obscene. I should be arrested. In the pug world, I’d have been put behind bars years ago.

That being said…



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6 responses to “Easter Pug Redux

  1. Lola Pug, your eyes are definitely saying, “WTF?” Being only four, I’m not sure what it means, but my mom uses it sometimes in really stressful situations. It seemed appropriate here.


  2. Your mom and our mom should be cellmates. However, you are adorable in your pink hoodie with fuzzies. And since the humans feed us, they win.


  3. winston wilbur

    Lola you looks great in Pink!!! I just thank goodness that Mum did not puts bunny ears on me like many of my other pug pals! Hope you had a good weekends


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