Hug Your Pug

With all of the sadness and loss over the past week – first Payton, and then little Rocco – we have been particularly smoochy on The Pug recently.

Okay. I’m the one who’s been super smoochy. Downright clingy, in fact.

The Man and I have spent the past few days doing a tiny bit of slacking on the work front, and going on little adventures based entirely on HRH’s favourite activities.

Spoiling her rotten? You bet.

Don’t forget to hug your pug. Today, and every day. A lot.

And by “Pug”, I mean anyone who means the world to you.


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7 responses to “Hug Your Pug

  1. Reblogged this on PugsIreland Blog and commented:
    Aww so sad to hear about your pals.

    We always hug our pugs.


  2. Consider all of us thoroughly hugged. Even crabby Isabelle.


  3. winston wilbur

    this post has awoken us up inside. always hug today as you never know what tomorrow might bring.


  4. Payton's Gampy

    Lola’s mom is very smart, everyone should heed her words!



  5. My mom is at work, and my dad just got a text that said, “Hug all the dogs and horses for me. Really, just do it.” It’s not quite the same as Mom being here, but I love that she thinks about us when she’s away.


  6. There is nothing like a hug from the one you love Lola! I love your pictures.


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