Goodbye, Little Rocco

Rocco Kamiliotis 2008-2012

Rocco, you have left us breathless and in shock, and it’s hard to believe we won’t see your happy, little face again.

We never imagined we could lose you so soon. Your innocence and joy in life was unparallelled, and we will miss you so very much.

Rocco and Lola Pug, March 2012

You were a lover first and foremost, but you showed us all how brave you were, and how hard you could fight.

With your Mum at your side, you tried your hardest. You know how much she loved you.

In the end, you needed to rest.

Rocco K

May you find your new home filled with pillows to push, friends to play zoomies with, and overflowing with bowls of chicken treats.

Lola’s Grandma Su has a special place on her lap for you, and Gracie is eagerly waiting to play up a storm with you.

Until we see you again.

Rest in Peace, little man.


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14 responses to “Goodbye, Little Rocco

  1. Sequoia Tuni and Emma

    We are so sorry to hear of your loss….Rocco was such a cutie too. We send our hugs.

    The Girls


  2. Lulu

    so sad to see so many of lola’s friends pass away, hope you guys are holding up ok.


  3. The Paquettes'

    Oh Rocco,
    We will all miss you so much – our love to your mama.


  4. So sorry to hear about your loss. We never get to keep the ones we love long enough. May you all find some peace and comfort in your grief.


  5. We are so sad to hear of you loss. It is never easy to lose a loved one.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Brutus & Ellie


  6. Oh my goodness. 😦 So many of Lola’s friends in sadness. I learned of another pup’s passing today, too, a friend of mine. This was a sweet, sweet post which put tears in my eyes. Sympathy and hugs.


  7. Such sad news. It is never easy to lose a love one.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Brutus & Ellie


  8. Sorry to hear about Rocco. 😦 My prayers are with you.


  9. Bits and Bites

    Rest well Rocco. We never met you but we feel like we know you so well. Love from the Bits and Bites.


  10. Lola and family, we are truly sorry to hear about Rocco’s passing. Too much sadness in the smooshy face world lately. We send you and Rocco’s family peace in the knowledge that he is not suffering and love to comfort you in all the sad times.


  11. winston wilbur

    Oh no not Rocco. Oh my we are so sad to hear this. This has just been a horrible past two months…. first it was Yoda, then Payton and now Rocco. Like Tuni’s momma always believes “things always happen in 3’s”

    Rest in peace little Rocco, and run free and high.


  12. I am so sorry, Lola. I know how you loved Rocco. What an incredibly sad, sad, week for your family and friends. Please know our family is thinking of you and sending every good and cheerful thought your way. Rocco seemed to be such a fun and happy guy. I wish I’d known my brother better. Please give Rocco’s mom a hug from me.


  13. mellabobella

    Noooooo. 😦 Oh guys, I’m so sorry. What happened??


  14. Deevee Em

    Please give Rocco’s mom a hug for me. I googled Lola the pug and happened across this post about Rocco and I remember him from a few weeks back. I was cuddling with him while his mom was talking with the vets. He was such a sweet little guy.


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