Pugnacious Payton

It really hasn’t been a great week for Lola’s friends, and we were very sad to learn that one of Lola Pug’s best blog buddies lost her courageous fight with PDE this week.

Payton, you were strong and you fought with everything you had. You and your people seemed destined to be together – there are few who would have been as devoted to keeping you healthy and happy as they were.


To read about Payton’s remarkable (and very happy!) life, and to learn more about PDE, please visit her blog – Pugnacious P. Her people, Christy and Tim, have some really fun videos, and you can even leave a note for her people, including Gammy and Gampy, who miss her terribly.

We will meet, in person, at the Rainbow Bridge, little one.

Peace, happiness and many, many stuffies.


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13 responses to “Pugnacious Payton

  1. Oh, sadness. Poor Payton. I liked reading her comments on here. 😦 Lola and humans, you are in my thoughts.


  2. What and incredibly sad day. I mourn for Payton, and for her family. She was a lovely little dog- though never having “met” her, I will miss her greatly.


    • She was pretty darned awesome, let me tell you that. I never met her in person, but she sent me a hedgehog stuffy that smelled like her, so I’ve met her, for sure. I’m a sad pug, too.


  3. Payton’s loss has really hit me harder than I expected. For those people who knew her better, it must be excruciating.


  4. BunkThePug

    I am so sad today. I have been away from the blogging work for a week and was so shocked to come back today and heard this news. :(:(


  5. mellabobella

    So, so sad 😦 I’m sorry.


  6. mellabobella

    I’m so, so sorry. 😦


  7. Very sad news Lola 😦


  8. Oh my gosh this is so sad! How devastating for Lola to lose a pug friend 😦 I had never heard of PDE until this post. So terrible. I’m sorry


  9. winston wilbur

    Hi Lola,

    I am so sad about Payton. Mum can not even get through the tributes withouts bawling over them. We miss her so much.


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