And They Called It Puppy Love…

…or not.

Well. For us humans it was nothing BUT puppy love, but Lola Pug just doesn’t feel the love for the younger ones anymore.

Ahhhh, baby bulldogs.

Nothing is finer.

Except for grown-up pugs, of course.



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11 responses to “And They Called It Puppy Love…

  1. Lola, we completely understand. Honestly, we admire the amount of restraint you had for as long as you had it. Puppies are unbearable.


  2. Lola, those puppies need to be put in their place before they walk all over you. You go girl!


  3. Hahah I love these videos! This is EXACTLY how my Pug, Layla, acted when we got our puppy Boxer. You’re still queen of them all Lola! 🙂


  4. Goodness! The cute it just rolls off the laptop screen!

    Poor Lola, having to put up with such a thing as a puppy! She’s 7 now and shouldn’t have to deal with that sort of thing. That’s what servants are for.

    (My Sophie has a matching collar! She’d never wear a harness, but her purple, flower collar is just fine. She inherited it from our dearly departed Annie last year. It’s a lovely look with black fur, I say!)


    • Thank you, Cat! I wish mama would realise that I am a Grande Dame now, and really don’t want anything to do with whippersnappers.
      I like my harness, so thank you for commenting on it. It’s one of the only ones I couldn’t wiggle out of when i was a puppy (pugs must be FREE!), and it’s really held up well.


  5. Payton

    Hi Lola! Oh, I’m so glad to see some videos, but I am sorry that there was a *puppy* taking up so much of the screen from you. I would have nipped and snipped at that guy at the 2 second mark. I get like that sometimes too. I don’t like hyper pups up in my grill!


    • P, Your mama’s videos inspired my mama to take more, which means more TORTURE for me. Come on already – I pose like a supermodel, now she wants me to ACT, too???
      And thanks for the shout out on the puppy situation. I know that I was a crazy pup, but I’ve put those days behind me now, I mean REALLY.


  6. Hmm, you think you have problems Lola. I have a new kitten. He steals my food, bites my tail and bothers me when I am trying to sleep – but I quite like him 🙂


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