Happy Birthday, My Little Pug Overlord

Seven years ago today, the cosmos shifted ever so slightly, and the Tiny Bean was unleashed into the world.

Boss of All Big Dogs, Queen of Cut-Eye, Ruler of Me, Lola Pug was born with a BIG personality, and she just keeps getting more amazing as the years pass.

Baby Queen of the Cut-Eye

My life has certainly been filled with more awesome thanks to her being on the planet, and I’m pretty sure she means a lot to a few other people, too.

But today, she’s all mine, and we have some serious sofa napping to get down with.

Happy Birthday, Little One.


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13 responses to “Happy Birthday, My Little Pug Overlord

  1. Happy birthday, Queen Lola! You’re a great age, as my Gentleman Jinx turned the big 7 a month ago. It’s quite a dignified and proper age to be, where all of human kind and puppy kind, must bow down to your revered status.


    • Thanks, Cat! But all of human and puppy kind has *always* bowed down to my fabulousness, so perhaps you mean they bow even lower, and bring even better gifts to me. And please tell Jinx, my man – we are the perfect age!


  2. Southern Fried Pugs

    Happy birthday, Lola. If it’s even possible, be more aloof, demand more of everything and do whatever you want today. Just like everyday.


  3. Happy Birtthday Lola Pug Boss of them all! 🙂


  4. Payton

    Happy, happy Birthday Lola Pug!! The title of this post speaks volumes about what you have been able to accomplish in only 7 short years. For that I say Bravo! You certainly deserved to enjoy a big celebration! On the couch, that is, with a minion gently fanning you, and another popping treats into your mouth at your command. Queen Lola Pug, I salute you!


    • Payton

      PS. This just came to me…not sure why, but thought it was more than appropriate given the specialness of today… ♫♪♫ “Whatever Lola wants…” ♫♪♫ I think you know the rest and I can’t carry a tune.


  5. Payton's Gampy

    Actually Lola I think you are giving Payton bad ideas. Did you know she’s demanding an airplane for her birthday so she can have more adventures meeting her friends in the fur!

    Happy birthday young Lady!!



  6. Mel

    Happy Birthday, Miss Pug! One day you will rule the world 🙂


  7. Sequoia Tuni and Emma

    Happy birthday cutie pie!!!


  8. Happy birthday lovely Lola xx


  9. Happy belated B-day, Lola! Mom’s been too busy to let me post lately, but I’m back now and had to let you know that I hope you and your mom had a great day together.


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