Happy St. Pug-trick’s Day!

There is not one ounce of Irish blood in The Pug, and I am quite sure that having Irish friends doesn’t count me in very deep, either, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the day.

…and by “enjoy”, I mean “dress as many dogs up in silly hats as possible”….

Hey, Rocco! Good of you to have us over.

Sorry Barkley. Consider yourself to be collateral damage. …you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time….

Well. At least Lola didn’t have to suffer alone.

Well. Many treats were given, and all in all, they came out mostly unscathed and very coddled and spoiled.

I am SO in trouble when the pugs take over the planet.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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8 responses to “Happy St. Pug-trick’s Day!

  1. Happy St. Pugtrick’s Day! No hats, but dresses were worn. And we are wearing them to the vet today. Good times!
    PS, despite mom’s red hair, we are not an Irish family. But she’s an enormous U2 fan and loves green. Does that count?


  2. I am sure that wearing that wonderful hat has earned you honorary Irish status! I loved the pictures. You are so cute Lola!


  3. Winston Wilbur

    OMP I totally gots away this year withouts having a green shamrock hat shoved on my heads. I wasn’t so lucky at New Years Eve though.

    You do wear green well, I must add.



  4. This is so cute Lola! The humans tried to bribe me with treats but I was not going to fall of any of that nonsense. I snatched the treats and ran like a stubborn puggums!


  5. Precious! They’ll be happy when they see their great pics 🙂


  6. Payton

    Oh, Lola Pug. Look what your mama put you through. I can’t wait to fire up the laptop and read your hidden picture captions! Hope you had a great weekend!
    After a rocky start on Friday, I had super days on Saturday and Sunday. I hope my streak continues all week! Thanks so much for thinking about me Lola Pug, my friend, my kindred spirit.


  7. Lola, that is just sad… I’m so sorry for you. Rocco and Barkley, too.


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