Pug Vacation Redemption. Sort Of.

The lovely folks at the Inn had prepared a big, clean, gorgeously comfortable bed for Lola Pug, as well as a bowl of welcome treats! (which I quickly whisked away, as I had no intention of meeting the finest vet in the city on this trip)

Well, this should make up, in part, for the wet hike, no, Pug?

But we’re not here to look at the inside of the hotel room all day, Pug, regardless of how lovely the interior might be.

The Pug’s memory is remarkably well-developed, and the mention of another walk later that day was not met with much enthusiasm.

No rain – but the “rain torture pose” still held strong….

HRH’s misery was somewhat abated by the thrill of peeing on new and unexplored territory.

Yes. She pees like a boy.

So as the sun started to set at the end of our walk, The Pug’s mood had shifted ever so slightly away from pained and vindictive misery to something resembling a cautious sort of semi-enthusiasm.

…which is about as much as I can expect, I suppose.

So I call this weekend a WIN in my books, and it’s onto planning The Pug’s *next* travel adventure. (because aside from scooping kibble, that’s really what I was put on this planet to do, no?)


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3 responses to “Pug Vacation Redemption. Sort Of.

  1. Hi Lola! Our work is never done, not even on vacation. Yes, it seems like these adventures are only excuses for more photo ops. We are cute, but that’s not our fault. When will we get to go to a doggie spa or a treat factory? Oh, who am I kidding, we’d probably have to pose at those places too.
    PS. I think that your “lost her mind” photo is adorable.


    • Payton – I know that you of all pugs understand what we have to go through. I mean *honestly*!

      Hey – how’s your health? Mama and The Man and I are thinking about you all the time up here!


  2. Cat

    You can pee like a boy, Lola. My Gentleman Jinx still squats like a girl, and he’s 7 now. His excuse is that he grew up idolizing three girl dogs and THEY squatted so HE should squat because that’s what proper dogs do. Jinx is all about being Proper. (Although, when he was 5 1/5 years old we went to a dog park and he saw boys lifting their legs. He started trying that out, wobbled a lot, but does mark the occasional rare tree on our walks since then. It’s still not how his big sister did it, so he didn’t think it was all that important.)


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