Worst. Vacation. Ever.

Adventure getaways make life awesome, and it gets even awesomer when we find pug-friendly places to do the getting away to.

Alas, the weather isn’t always pug-friendly, so sometimes we just have to suck it up and deal with it.

Some of us suck it up better than others, of course.

The Pug really wasn’t impressed with the view…

…or the historical significance…

…or the parliamentarian grandeur…

…and her national pride simply can’t survive a long walk in the pouring rain…

…so on arriving back at the hotel, she made it quite clear where she wanted to be for the rest of our adventure.

That’s not even your bed, darlingest one. That’s Ruby’s bed, and I’m sure she will be less than excited to learn that you have repeatedly smeared your wet stinkle into it.

Well. it looks like we might have a lot to make up for after this “exciting” walk.

We have one more day, so maybe it will all work out.

Paws crossed.


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13 responses to “Worst. Vacation. Ever.

  1. Cat

    That last photo caption is the best. I laughed so hard! Poor Pug. No fun making visits in the rain. 😦


  2. Poor Lola. Rain can really mess up a vacay.


  3. Very funny. I looked very hard for a change in expression but couldn’t find one 🙂 Too much excitement for one lovely pug!


  4. Lola, you do realize that when you’ve had a day as bad as this one obviously was, it can only get better from here on out. Chin up, little black pug, tomorrow is a new day! (OK, to be honest, I thought that horrid look on your face was pretty- actually, REALLY- funny! So sorry.)


  5. Pugs don’t like wet weather! I hate it when it rains… and when it’s too hot… and when it’s too cold. Sigh.


  6. Oh Lola, you are lucky to get to travel. My people leave me behind.

    Enjoy being at home!


  7. Well, Lola Pug, this kindred spirit thing of ours is working over-time. We didn’t vacation to the same spot but we ran into the same kind of weather and I was way south! It was miserable, but we went out in it too. As long as I was covered and bundled up I guess it was ok, but I think your picture captions speak to me.
    PS. I was diagnosed with a collapsing trachea on the way home from our trip this last weekend and don’t feel myself yet. Please pray for me and my peeps.


  8. Oh, Payton! I have told my puggie Twitter buddies to check out your blog and wish you well. The more paws crossed for you, the better, maybe? Woofles and snorts to you, my buddy.


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