Pogo Pug – All Hail the Seniors!

Lola’s new friend was a little bit … active. He just wouldn’t stop running around and playing, and he proved to be a difficult subject to take photos of.

Lola, Rocco and Pogo (okay, mostly Rocco and Pogo) played and played and played until I got tired, and decided it was time for ME to have a nap.


Pogo slowed down enough to let me take a decent photo of him…

People. Pogo is ELEVEN YEARS OLD!

All hail the seniors! Outrunning, outplaying and outlasting the whippersnappers, INDEED!


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10 responses to “Pogo Pug – All Hail the Seniors!

  1. I think someone should check his ID. Are you sure he is 11? Well, that video did prove how he got his name. I would have been sitting along the sidelines watching like you, Lola Pug. Actually that would have been fun. We could have come up with great commentary, mocking their display of dogginess! Maybe next time!


    • You got it, Payton. Pogo was a CRAZY MAN! Mama didn’t believe he was 11, but the pug nose knows, and his butt is an 11-year old butt. (okay – mama thinks that’s gross, but I’M A PUG!)


  2. I’m thinking you got that picture of Pogo during what was just a moment of rest. The look in his eyes says he’s still looking for any reason to be off and running again. 11- so what’s really in a number?? I’m so glad you all had a wonderful time!


  3. Cat

    Holy cow! 11 years old! That’s an amazing jumping pug he is! That 32 second video made ME tired. Maybe I’ll take my Lappies and go for a nap now, too.


  4. Rock on, Pogo! He is proof that seniors still have a lot to give.


  5. Winston Wilbur

    totally active!!!! Yup I agrees… seniors rock! Now Mum says that I should get a little more actives at our pug meets. None of this sitting arounds. I just tell her it is cuz I don’t wanna miss the treats that might make an appearance.


  6. I am only 10 months now but I think when I am a senior, I will be just like you! I think so because there is no way in which I am slowing down anytime soon! The humans have to chase me down and tackle me and bribe me for each and every picture!!!!

    P.S. I am having a St.Patrick’s Day contest on my blog. I would love to see some fellow pugs participate. Come by and check it out if you can.

    Bunk The Pug


  7. Lola, the picture of Pogo was well worth waiting for – fantastic portrait picture!


  8. Mel

    That’s why I always laugh whenever people disregard my senior fosters!

    Heeheee Pogo, love the name.


  9. You are only as old as you feel!


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