The Visitor

As Lola Pug is an only child, I often arrange for play dates with her friends, just so she can get her dog on with her fellow canines.

Every so often, the opportunity to meet a new buddy comes along, and I jump at the chance. Socialisation never ends for people or dogs!

So when I heard that a new “friendly” was coming over to visit Rocco’s house, Lola Pug and I booted on over to meet him.

He certainly left quite the first impression on The Pug when we walked in the door…

…Rocco…you seem to have a similar opinion to Lola Pug…

Goodness, you two – what on earth is up?

…um…okay…I’m starting to see what you’re up against here…

Who could this creature BE?




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8 responses to “The Visitor

  1. Payton's Gampy

    Oh, that’s so not fair to us Lola followers! Protective juJu to Lola and Rocco from “The Great Unknown”!!!!!!



  2. This did make me laugh Lola 🙂 I love the picture of the two of you having a crazy fun time! 🙂


  3. Cat

    That last photo literally made me laugh out loud – much to the amusement of my coworkers as I work in an open space. heh.


  4. I just love Lola’s shocked expression in the first picture. Can’t wait to find out who to new friend could be.


  5. Oh, Lola Pug! The stuff that your mama puts you through. Your eyes give everything away in the first picture. Priceless. The suspense is killing me though. I’m guessing by the coloring that it’s either a great dane or mastiff…you know, some sort of horse. I have faith that you will have no issues putting it in it’s place.


  6. Holy cow! What is the giant thing?


  7. Lola, your mom had better post to tell us it all turned out OK, because Rocco’s my brother, and you, well you are the incomparable Small Black Pug, of course!
    Tell us, Tell us!!!


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