Elegance, Thy Name is Pug

To be fair, we *had* just come in from a loooong walk, and I’m not always the most composed when I’m all tuckered out, either.


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5 responses to “Elegance, Thy Name is Pug

  1. You look so ‘relaxed’ Lola 🙂


  2. Cat

    Ahhh, my little Sophie sits so sophisticated-like, too! We call her Sidesaddle Sophie (and shall credit her thusly as she makes her name in Spaghetti Westerns, allowing us to retire early solely living off her riches!) Finnish Lapphund or Pug, the elegance knows no bounds!


  3. Hey Lola! So just because we are pugs, we can’t sit on our tush? That’s silliness! I like to sit that way almost all the time. Life’s too short not to be comfortable at all times! Now if only sitting like that would get us treats too…


  4. Lola, that is my favorite way to sit.


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