Sock Monkey Pug

Staying fashionable always takes a bit of work, and it rests on me to make sure that The Pug stays warm and stylin’ in the winter months.

Lola’s pug friends, Miso and Hummus, over at Peachy Keen Pets are always SO well dressed, so I commissioned their Mum to custom make Lola a new fleece hoodie to keep her warm this winter.

The awesome thing about this hoodie – aside from it’s overwhelming amplification of cuteness – is that Lola Pug LOVES wearing it. She seriously LOVES it. Wags her tail when I bring it over, and everything.

I think that sock monkeys rather suit you, my little love.


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15 responses to “Sock Monkey Pug

  1. You are so very stylin’ in your sock monkey hoodie!


  2. Hey Lola Pug, I think you make that sock monkey fleece hoodie look good. But wagging your tail? Really? This is not good. Now my mom is going to want to get me one. And she said this post reminds her that I should do a fashion show for my blog. Ugh. Well, at least it’s Friday. Have a great weekend my friend!


  3. That is adorable! If you ever interested I have a shop and do custom work too!


  4. Blanche

    Niki does great work! You look dazzling. Lola. We have some of her harnesses here and a coat for the Big Man, Tank.


  5. Lola looks so sweet in her new hoodie! I just want to eat her cute little legs!


  6. Wonderful! Unfortunately, I can’t wear stylish outfits – I am too big and fluffy and would just look like a haystack! 🙂


  7. That outfit makes your ankles look really attractive. I think your Mommy should get one made for herself. Think of the sensation it would stir in the park.


  8. Lola Pug, you are aware you would look good in anything, right? But I think you’re mom nailed this one- you are just stylin’ girl! And who doesn’t love a sock monkey?


  9. This is so cute! I will have to check out this shop. It is still cold out in Tennessee and I can’t help but want to get myself some PJs!


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