Pug on Holiday

We’ve been back from our little sojourn to the south for a while, but I thought I would do a recap of Lola Pug’s exciting adventure in the land of palm trees.

We went boating…

…lay around the pool…

…went for drives in a sexy convertible…

…more boat rides….

I’m so happy you enjoyed yourself so much, Pug.

Perhaps we’ll go somewhere a little more stimulating for you next time.


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7 responses to “Pug on Holiday

  1. Lola, you are an inspiration to nappers everywhere.


  2. Hi Lola, SFPs are right, bravo! I think it’s awesome that you mama managed to capture all those yawns on film. And personally, I think you have the right idea about vacation…but…I will email you the next time I’ll be in Chicago so you can fly down on that private jet your mama owes you, and we can paint the town red together!


  3. Living with Pearle, the Pug-like Griff, I thought that was just what Pugs do. At least you didn’t seem tense and stressed out at all!


  4. I love the yawning pictures! Despite all of the wonderful distractions Lola you look as if you would much prefer to nap! 🙂


  5. Looks like you had a very YAWNY, relaxing vacay!


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