Captain Lola Pug

Part of the joy of being in a warm ocean playground is to get out and enjoy the ocean.

Lola Pug, being a pug who is apparently made of sugar, doesn’t actually want anything to do with bodies of water larger than her bowl back home.

Luckily for her, Lola Pug’s Grandpa has a boat that appeals to the level of comfort and style that The Pug  has become used to.

Okay, okay. In her MIND that’s the boat she should have. Her Grandpa is not Stephen Spielberg, however, so no such luck, Pug.

To break our rigorous eat/nap/work/eat/nap/eat schedule, Lola’s Grandpa took us on a little cruise of the surrounding areas. Far from being the boring snooze-fest that I’m sure The Pug was expecting, there was plenty for her to see – there were even new friends to bark at.

So although The Pug DID nap ferociously in parts, I like to think that she enjoyed her boating adventure, and that she’ll be amenable to more boat trips when the lakes around home eventually thaw in the spring.

Yah. I’d say we’re going boating again this summer.


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7 responses to “Captain Lola Pug

  1. You are a lucky Pug Lola! I have never been on a boat. I love the last picture of you wearing your life jacket. It’s good to see that you take safety seriously.


    • Mama takes my safety VERY seriously, Bassa. I think the thing is torture, but she says it will protect me in case I get all excited and jump over the edge. Which I would *never* do, of course. At least not while there’s a lap to rest on.


  2. Cat

    I don’t care what Lola says, she looks HAPPY in that little life jacket. Such a happy face! I’m sticking to that story!


  3. Southern Fried Pugs

    Safety first, Lola. We agree that you actually look happy. But we won’t tell and ruin your hipster rep.


  4. Hi Lola Pug! I must say that the yacht would be more my style too along with a butler to bring me nibbles while I take in the sun on the deck. A pug can dream! And it’s what we deserve really. Although I have to admit, riding on the water is fun…especially compared with swimming in it! Just pray your mom doesn’t decide to have you try that! And don’t get me started on the life jackets! Pure torture is right. But finally I had my mom switch from neon orange to pink and somehow I felt a tad better. Just remember Lola, you were away from sun and cold. That should get you over the missed naps. And girl, you rock that smile! Simply beautiful…even with the vest!
    Ps. I miss seeing the secret picture messages. Using the iPhone more often so I’ll have to come back later to read some of you true feelings.


  5. The size of the boat means absolutely nothing, Lola Pug. You didn’t look like you’d be happier anywhere else in the world when you were rockin’ that life jacket!
    But, everyone ought to have a chance to actually operate the boat at some point. Just a thought…


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