Ceci n’est pas un Pug

With new adventures come new creatures, and these little buddies are some of my favourite animals to see when traveling to warmer climes…


Aside from a youthful stare down with a neighbouring bearded dragon, Lola has been kept a bit distant from the world of lizards. I was hoping on this trip that we’d catch sight of a slow gecko, or even an Iguana, if we were lucky.

Alas, Gordon was doing his lizard-y best at pretending to be a rock, and his lack of movement (and the two panes of glass between them) meant that Lola Pug really didn’t register his creature-ness or take more than a passing interest in him.

Ah, well. Best she doesn’t take up gecko-chasing as a new sport.


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7 responses to “Ceci n’est pas un Pug

  1. Oh Lola, isn’t it exhausting to keep our humans entertained?!? Why would we care about some slinky lizard? Can we eat it? No. Can we play with it? No. So why would we waste time on it? Let’s just go lay in the sun and keep up with our beauty sleep.
    Ps. Mom wants to say that she has so many memories of those little lizards from trips to visit her grandparents in Florida. And even remembers seeing them in South Carolina. It’s worth noting that my peeps haven’t taken me to either of those places. Sheesh! And I really want to go to Florida!


    • Payton – it sure was fun to be there. Mama has more photos that she’ll show you soon. Maybe you can BEG your people to take you to Florida? There were a few pugs there that I saw – I even spent some time with my new FLA boyfriend, Sammie.


  2. Be careful of large iguanas Lola. Tall person said that they can break a dog’s leg with a whip of their tail! Tall person kept iguanas and other lizards (and snakes) for many years. Enjoy them from a distance!


    • Holy pug butts, Bassa, mama never told me about iguanas and their mighty tails! Well – the only one we saw was lying on a dock, and we were on a boat, so I was pretty safe. It’s supposed to be too cold for them there. Mama thinks that something a bit more sinister might have happened to them all. Thank you for the heads up!


  3. I agree with Payton. Enjoy the warmth and sunshine and go lay in the sun. Of course, if you happen to get close to one of those lizards, give it a little lick for me – I wonder how they taste.


  4. We agree with Payton, what would be the point?
    Hope you are enjoying the warm sun!


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