When the Puggie Going Gets Tough…

…the Pug goes south.

I’m really, really trying to embrace the wonders of winter. The snow, the skiing, the brisk cold that makes you feel alive and invigorated.

Good grief, I’m trying.

But sometimes, palm trees are the only remedy for the winter blahs, and that means packing up and heading to visit our neighbours to the south.

This is Lola Pug’s first trip to any land with palm trees, so I’m curious to see what she thinks of it all.

You really do lead quite the life, little one.


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11 responses to “When the Puggie Going Gets Tough…

  1. Lola Pug! I’m so jealous right now after seeing you cruising on the water! I like the water tours in Chicago. The view from my window is winter blah. But because you are my friend, I’m happy for you too! Next time just take me with you, ok? Are you in Florida? Or maybe South Carolina or Georgia? Or it could be Texas. I can’t wait to find out and read more about your southern adventure!


  2. Petra

    When I re-incarnate I want to come back as your pug….


    • Mama says she wants to come back as her pug, too, but that doesn’t make any sense, but that’s kinda how she is sometimes. See what I have to put up with? Sheesh. No wonder I nap so much.


  3. Cat

    Lola is much better traveled than I am. Perhaps I should come live with you… I might be less grumpy and diva-ish than Lola. Maybe. My husband might argue this. 😉


  4. As long as Mommy is within site all is well with Miss Lola. Which airlines?


  5. Welcome to the south, Lola. Soak up all the sunshine and hospitality you can. And remember, it’s spelled y’all, not ya’ll. A contraction of you all. The plural is all y’all.
    Tweet us if you need a southern to Canadian translation. Or is there an app for that?


  6. Lola, we have a palm in our garden but it is covered in snow at the moment! I love the cold 🙂


  7. Mel

    Jealous! Enjoy your warm temps :]


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