Big Pug is Watching You

Pugs have this amazing way of seducing you into doing pretty much anything they want.

I developed a semi-resistance to canine brain control while growing up with Golden Retrievers, who are widely known to be some of the most successful moochers on the planet.

When her seduction techniques fail, The Pug tends to turn to more devious tactics. And from this, El Demando was born….

Lola Pug’s beloved Uncle Deji took this photo.

She knew he was withholding liver snacks.

She is without mercy.

(Uncle D was putty in her paws, by the way)


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8 responses to “Big Pug is Watching You

  1. What a face! What a look! I feel compelled to share MY liver treats.


  2. Oh I recognize that look.
    The Roxinator got so worked up yesterday outside of Starbucks where, traditionally she recieves a treat after my friend and I come back out to get the dogs and continue on our way. Her buddy Sam, Springer Spaniel, had just wolfed his treat down. Roxy lept up on Sam’s big soft chest looking for crumbs and was bounced off and landed on her back. Legs in the air like a turtle, she was fine but it was LOL.


  3. You have mad skills, Lola. Crazy mad skills! It’s the humans that make us do these things though. If they would just hand over all food and toys, we wouldn’t have to come up with these “tactics”.


  4. Buddy keaton

    *snort* all you need is the quivering chin…………..hahahaha


  5. All hail the power of the pug!


  6. That is a power-look, Lola! Humans are easily manipulated, aren’t they? I get the good stuff when my peeps say, “But, look, he’s at his cutest when he looks like that.” I’m pretty much always at my cutest, but if it gets the treat, well…
    Keep up the excellent work, the world is yours on a platter.


  7. Hahahahahaha! Who could resist! 🙂


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