Snow Day Pug

When the weather gets cold and snowy, it takes effort to get out the door. Not only are we cozy inside, but the layers of clothing all add time to what generally winds up being a very perfunctory visit into the great outdoors.

Let the coaxing begin.

C’mon, baby. You need to pee.

Yes, Ducky – that white stuff is everywhere. It’s called *winter*.

Go, go, go!

Oh, look. It turns out you’re actually NOT one of those pugs made out of sugar!

Okay, okay. Privacy granted.

Hurry up, though. I only bothered to put a coat on you, Pug.


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14 responses to “Snow Day Pug

  1. Where are your booties?
    That stuff looks really cold. Can’t your parents teach you how to use the toilet? Wouldn’t that be awesome.


    • Oh, wouldn’t that be nice. Mama won’t abide me using an indoor potty. Maybe when I get REALLY old, or something. Until then, we both have to get bundled up and get outside!


  2. Petra

    C’mon – be a dog! Your feet are designed so you don’t feel the cold on them. Don’t let your Mom turn you into a wuss! I know there is a big, tough dog hiding inside that glossy black coat of yours! Let the inner mastiff come out! 🙂


    • Oh, I’m big and tough, alright, but I have the blood (and expectations) of a princess! 3,000 years of breeding behind me means I don’t HAVE to touch icky things with my tootsies if I don’t want to!


  3. Lola, not to make you feel bad, but it’s going to be sunny and 60 degrees Fahrenheit here Monday and Tuesday! I will happily go outside in that weather!
    PS. Bravo on your reply to Petra!
    PPS. My mom loves the brick wall and black iron gate in your “business” area!


    • Payton – mama says she has a surprise for me coming up, so we’ll see what that is! As for Petra – I love her. She simply hasn’t been around pugs long enough to understand us yet. And the gate is nice. yes? It belongs to my Grandpa. He has a super nice backyard!


      • A surprise!?! I’m hoping it’s that you are going to travel with your mama to Chicago when I’m there next and our peeps give us a spa day. But massages and room service, but no pedicures. Lay off the paws, people!


  4. Mel

    You, little pug, are high maintenance. But could you get ANY cuter?


  5. Hi Lola! I’m back to tell you that I gave you a couple of awards today!


  6. Cat

    “It’s weathery out there!”
    I say that all the time to my husband. Perhaps I am part Pug?


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