Nanook of the Cozy Bed

No one resents weather quite like The Pug, and this latest (and first of the year) deep freeze that has hit us has been duly noted in HRH’s record book.

We finally got snow the other day, and since then, the mere suggestion of an outdoor excursion has been met with deep suspicion and disgust.

Oh, come ON, pug, your bladder is *really* only so big, and don’t you want to sniff around and see what’s happening outside?

Yah. I see your point.

Move over, bunny. I’m crawling in beside you.


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9 responses to “Nanook of the Cozy Bed

  1. I’m with you, Lola. Winter came to Michigan, too, and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Hunker down, Lola, don’t give in ’til the daffodils bloom.


  2. We concur. Cold weather is for dogs with giant coats like Huskies. Potty pads in the kitchen for us.


  3. Payton's Gampy

    Lola, freezing for me is anything below 70 degrees so I’m with you Lady! Now if I can figure out why I’m in the midwest instead of Florida?????



  4. Buddy keaton

    That is the most adorable picture ever!!!!!


  5. Post after great post, it becomes more and more evident that we must be related, Lola. And especially in this post, I see myself in those tell it like it is eyes of yours! I’m not going out in this white stuff either! Perhaps we should migrate south together?


  6. Mel

    Yeah.. nothing exciting is happening outside anyway. Seriously. Hibernate til spring!


  7. Hahaha! Yes Lola pug- you share the same sentiments as I do towards winter. Although my facial expressions aren’t as convincing!


  8. My sister-pug actually pulled her bed over to beside the heat vent the other day in protest of the cold-snap.


  9. What a precious face! I though my pug was the prettiest, but maybe not 🙂


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