Office Pug

Working from home has it’s advantages (being able to write in my pajamas, hanging with the pug), and it’s disadvantages (never getting out of my pajamas, trying to take a business call while said pug is barking like a lunatic).

All in all, though, the pug and I rather enjoy each others company throughout the day.

…and it never hurts to have another set of eyes for those essential second opinions….

She’s busted when she starts snoring.

…or perhaps that’s simply editorial comment that I should pay closer attention to…..


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11 responses to “Office Pug

  1. Payton's Gampy

    That’s the thing about those pugs, they are brutally honest! : )



  2. Ah! How I long to be at home with my dog during the day.
    Nice her to be so helpful with your work 😉


  3. Such fun having your own personal Pugetary.
    I’ve promoted Roxy to Very Important Pug for all new “business” development in my back yard.


  4. Lola Pug, how come our work is never done? I’m guessing that you don’t even get an extra treat or toy for all that help either. That’s exactly how it was for me too when my mom worked from home. Now I just help her with napping and house chores, but still nothing. Maybe we should go on strike?
    PS. Are you going to email me that video? I’d love to see/hear you in action!


    • Payton – Mama says she needs to find time to figure out iMovie again. It’s coming! I am in LOVE with Squeaky Hedgehog these days. So much so that Mama now calls him “Stinky Hedgehog”. Can’t figure out why she changed his name….


  5. Working from home isn’t an option for mom and thank goodness. She really interrupts our nap time with all the getting up and sitting down.


  6. Hahahahaha, your office manager snores!!!


  7. Kim

    I work from home as well and my four pugs love having me available for that extra walk or treat that they feel is needed during the day. There are days that they are ” will you just leave already” just so they can get that long nap in.


  8. Cat

    Oh, Lola. You can never have too many commas.


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