Couch Pugtato

Post-holidays (or are we mid-holidays?) always seem to involve a bit of recovery time for people and wee beasties, alike.

What with all of the recent activities – and more to come – the temptation to simply slug out on the sofa is pretty strong.

For the most part, we’ve all been giving into it. Lola Pug has been leading the way, of course….

The Pug clearly knows what’s what.

Perhaps she’s meditating on her New Years resolutions … or conserving energy for the cold winter months ahead…

…or maybe she’s simply being a slothpug.

No matter what the motivation, I’m with you all the way, girl. Lead ON!


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9 responses to “Couch Pugtato

  1. You could never say LEAD ON around any of our dogs…… they’d get too excited….


  2. Hi Lola! You are such a good role model. Teach me more.
    Ps. Love that pic. Too cute all cuddled up. Seems to be the only sensible thing to do in this cold weather.


    • How’s your Christmas going, Payton? You’re moving around too much to relax – so exciting!


      • It has been crazy, but so fun. It’s going to rain all day tomorrow so we are taking your lead and staying in bed to rest!
        Did you get the package yet? My mom has this story to tell yours about it. I claim the 5th and will deny everything! Hehee!


  3. Mel

    What is it about the holidays that makes us want to slothify?


  4. Buddy keaton

    slothpug. that is sooooo me. my tubularness proves it, with out a doubt.


  5. Great picture Lola! Love the word “slothpug”. 🙂


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