Scrooge McPug

Every year, I am amazed at how busy our schedules become around the holiday season.

(I clearly have a very short memory, as this is (very) far from being my first Christmas.)

I think, though, that The Pug has a short memory, as well.

Sure, her toys and supplies get purged, and what she doesn’t play with gets brought to shelter animals, but she has NEVER had an empty stocking on Christmas morning. She is actually quite spoiled on the day, and is always quite gleeful at all of the attention she gets.

Pug. I really need to go through your toys and give some away. You really need to share, sweetie…

Ah, Generosity, thy name is Pug.


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8 responses to “Scrooge McPug

  1. Oh Lola, we know how you feel. It’s hard to be a spoiled pug.


  2. K.

    Wow! Lucky pup! Very cute!


  3. Cat

    She looks like a dragon protecting her hoard here. Mighty Lola, DragonPug!


  4. Lola, those toys are yours, right doesn’t she get it!!!



  5. “why”, not “right”! Jeesh!!!!



  6. I am the same way. Just because I am not playing with it now, or probably never will for the rest of my life, does NOT mean I don’t want what’s mine!


  7. SHARE! what the heck does that mean?!!!!!


  8. It is better to receive than give. No! That’s the wrong way round. It is better to give than receive 🙂


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