New Friend? What New Friend?

Lola Pug and I recently went visiting, and we met a new friend!

…a new friend who Lola wanted nothing to do with, of course, despite his very sweet nature and obviously handsome looks….

Perhaps it was Barclay’s over-willingness to make people smile… something Lola Pug might interpret as far too “try-hard”….

…or perhaps it had something to do with the fact that he bears a striking (although totally unrelated in breed or family line) resemblance to another one of her friends….

Ah, yes.

The world is only big enough for one Rocco, my dear. I see what you mean.

Boy, he sure is a cutie, though.


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4 responses to “New Friend? What New Friend?

  1. Buddy keaton

    oh. my. goodness. so incredibly cute!


  2. Caution is always a good thing, Lola. We have a rep to uphold and wouldn’t be caught doing such “dog” things! Plus, who wants all that cuteness distracting from OUR cuteness?!?


  3. Hi Lola! I just wanted to let you know that we’ve awarded you the Liebster Blog award! You can pick it up at our blog:

    …And I understand. Rocco is quite special, isn’t he? 😉


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