Fierce Hunter

Ah, the domesticated pug. (as if there could be any other kind)

Ninja-like reflexes, speeds that rival the cheetah, combined with the infamous pug persistence all make Lola Pug a formidable hunter and stalker…

…at least until I notice her “request” to get her ball out from under the furniture.

Then it’s all squeakies and silliness. …just as it should be.


Filed under Action Pug, Ballballball

4 responses to “Fierce Hunter

  1. krista

    We’ve often wondered what wild prarie pugs hunt & eat. Just can’t picture even an entire herd taking down a buffalo 😉


  2. Buddy keaton

    Fierce hunter indeed! Notice the stance and the concentration! Such a mighty predator!!! That squeaker better beware! It doesn’t know what it is in for.


  3. Perfect picture! My pointing is a bit more obvious, perhaps, since I bend down and stick my butt in the air. Kinda as a flag to say, “Hey, is anyone going to get this for me?!?”
    PS. My mom was laughing over krista’s “wild prarie pugs”!


  4. I’m the same Lola and look at the size of me! 🙂


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