When Pugs Nap


She does this to me ALL THE TIME….

It’s like having three animals in one – a pug, a cat and a parrot.

(Truth be told, I think she does this so her butt can be closer to my face when she needs to … um … pass wind. I’m quite serious.)

I love you, my little monkey. Maybe even more so because you’re SO WEIRD.


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15 responses to “When Pugs Nap

  1. Ha, ha! That is priceless. My favorite napping place is similar, but I like to face my human so I can use her shoulder as a chip prop and then I shove my nose against her ear and snore. Ah bliss.


  2. Lola, that is classic! I haven’t tried that position (probably I’m not allowed to climb on the furniture backs like a cat anymore because of my back), but I do make sure to get my rear in mom’s face in bed at night during the peek tooting hours.


  3. Payton's Gampy

    Lola, I’m siding with your Pugrent on this one. That is wierd. Much too cat-like, and that’s no compliment coming from me.



  4. Apollo does that too but Ian and I call him a mountain goat because he always wants to climb to the top and then pass out.


  5. Cat

    Makes me happy my 40lbs pups don’t think to nap this way. It’s hard enough when they climb into my lap. 😉


  6. Blanche

    It’s such a pug thing–the butt to your face. I often wake up in my bed to find at least 2 pug butts pointing at me and a fug or pug gaseous emissions surrounding me……


  7. Mel

    My dogs don’t do this (err, thankfully) but their farts are bad enough sometimes that their butts might as well be an inch away from my face.


  8. Great picture and very funny comment. Lola, have you read my bottom burping tips for dogs? http://bassasblog.wordpress.com/2011/06/30/bassas-bottom-burping-tips-for-dogs/


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